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CA120 is the perfect adhesive for fitting plaster mouldings such as cornice, ceiling roses & corbels. We wouldn’t recommend anything else. It has been our go to adhesive for over 15 years.

It has a setting time of 2 hours giving you plenty of time to work with it.
Once set it leaves a hard strong bond. It is very difficult to remove from the face of the plaster moulding so wipe off any excess with a busk/joint rule and a wet paintbrush/sponge whilst its still wet. you can always add more later.

How much do i need?  We recommend 5kg for every 20m of cornice.  This will vary depending on how flat your walls and ceiling is, larger gaps will require more adhesive.  We advise you allow for some extra and wastage.  Its better have some left over that you don;t need than to need some and not have any.

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