Fibrous Plaster

Fibrous plaster is a form of decorative plasterwork composed of plaster of Paris, reinforced with a fibre. Traditionally Hessian scrim is used but sisal fibres and animal hair can also be used, Timber laths are also incorporated to add strength and fixing points for mechanical fixings.


GRG – Glass-reinforced gypsum is an alternative to the traditional fibrous platser. Using fibreglass matt and a polymer in the mix we can create strong but lightweight casts. Particularly useful for when used on large casts such as domes, staircase cladding, shopping centre ceilings etc


GRC – Glass reinforced cement.
A mix of sand, cement glass fibres and a polymer creating a strong cast.
Ideal for when matching to existing stone & cement mouldings.


Jesmonite comes in two main materials, a gypsum version or a cement-based. Both can be used to create lightweight strong casts. External projects can be cast and then acid etched to replicate stone in a variety of colours..


Using state of the art CAD, CAM and CNC routers we can cut moulding work or custom designs in a large variety of woods such as MDF, oak, plywood.